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Changes in tax on tobacco

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  1. Corporate Overview
    1. Background
    2. Sectors of activity
    3. The key figures
    4. The organization of the group
  2. The operations of the IKEA Group
    1. The leader's personality and the "IKEA spirit"
    2. The IKEA concept
    3. Analysis of the group's strategy
    4. The competition
  3. The internationalization strategy of the IKEA Group
    1. Why internationalize?
    2. The phases of internationalization of the IKEA Group

In France, the idea of a tax on tobacco spread along with the increase in consumption ; the first tax was introduced in the early seventeenth century. In 1674, the manufacture and sale of tobacco became a royal privilege. In the following century, monopoly over tobacco production and sale was given to the West Indies Company ; meanwhile, the cultivation of tobacco was banned in France. The taxation of tobacco is unique in that it has to address multiple perspectives.

The provisions relating to taxation of tobacco products were introduced on 1 January 1993. These provisions form the culmination of discussions initiated in 1985 with the White Paper on perfecting the internal market. The Commission proposed the complete harmonization of excise rates on tobacco products. The Council, however, chose not to adopt this approach and did not consider the harmonization of excise rates in the European Union as necessary for the proper functioning of the internal market.

The current EU framework for the taxation of tobacco products provides:
? a common structure (definitions of products and means of taxation) for excise duty on tobacco products
? setting of minimum rates, beyond which the Member States are free to set their own national rates at levels they deem appropriate to national circumstances.

The Commission has launched an online public consultation on the structure and rates of excise duties on cigarettes and tobacco products to be acquainted of the views of stakeholders before proceeding with the revision of current EU legislation on tobacco taxation for which a proposal is expected before end of 2007.

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