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Comparison of the monetary policies of Europe and America

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  1. Presentation of the sector and the company
    1. Introduction of L'Oréal
    2. Creating a company
    3. Brands
    4. The core of the group L'Oreal
  2. Methods of evaluation
    1. IFRS
    2. The valuation models
    3. The choice of model for the company studied
  3. Presentation of the employee stock option
    1. The characteristics of the plan
    2. The determination of assumptions
    3. The evaluation process of the Employee Stock Option

The monetary policies of United States and Europe act on the mechanisms of financing the economy, and are implemented by the Central Bank. These are named after ECB (European Central Bank, based in Frankfurt and has been chaired this year by the French Jean-Claude and Fed (Federal Reserve, headed by Alan Greenspan since 1987).

Following the banking crisis of 1907 in the U.S, the Fed was created in 1913 with the initial aim of cleaning up the banking system. Gradually, it became the holder of the authority in terms of monetary policy. Its status is defined by the Banking Act, and is based in Washington. The ECB, the result of European integration, is logically much younger.

Founded on January 1, 1998, it became operational a year later. It has inspired both the Bundesbank (German Central Bank) and Fed. Accordingly, the operation of these two entities has many similarities regarding the role, positioning, tools, and skills.

However, their legal objectives differ substantially, resulting in practice that is often different and reinforced by the different economies on which they act.

Three tools are used by the Fed and the ECB; they correspond to different methods but have broadly similar goals and help set the rate. These tools are detailed in the document.

Tags: Monetary policies, comparison of monetary policies of Europe and America

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