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Corporate Governance in U.K and Corporate Financial Performance

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  1. Relationship beetween Corporate Governance and Corporate Financial Performance
  2. Questions which will form the basis and the objectives of my research and my proposal
  3. How did I make my research ?

The issue of corporate governance and whether it affects the financial performance have for many rears been a center of curiosity for economic researchers. Researchers have been seeking to establish whether or not there is a direct relationship between these two forces in the corporate world. (Cadbury, 1992). Divergent views have been raised by researchers concerning this topic. (Becht. 2002)Most researchers, however, support that there is a positive correlation between the corporate governance and corporate financial institutions. (Gompers, 2003)In the United Kingdom, corporate governance has proven to greatly impact the corporate financial performances(Mallin, 2011).

[...] London: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 96-120. Moore, g Corporate social and financial performance: an investigation in the UK supermarket industry. Journal of Business Ethics, 299(34), pp. 328-345. Robb Bauer, N. G. R. O Emphirical Evidence on Corporate Governance in Europe, Effect on Stock Returns, Firm Value and Performance. Journal Of Asset Management, III(6), pp. 14-15. [...]

[...] What is the overall relationship between corporate governance and corporate financial performance? These questions, give rise to the clear objectives of my proposal as follows: 1. To explain and give light to what corporate governance is To investigate the level at which corporate governancehas been employed in Europe To find out whether there aresome quantitative differences between companies with good corporate governance compared to those whose corporate governance is poor in terms of financial performance To find out the type of relationship that exists between corporate governance and corporate financial performance in the United Kingdom. [...]

[...] As pointed earlier, in this research I will use qualitative and quantitative data. More specifically, I will interview heads of institutions in several companies in the country and compare their data. I will also use materials from other researchers on the topic to give an insight on the general status of the topic and the disposition of scholars relating to the topic. Though most of the data collected will be from secondary sources, interviews and observation of current trends and news as well as performance of specific companies in specific industries in the stock exchange markets will be an area of focus for this research. [...]

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