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Harpoon Brewery

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  1. Introduction
  2. The process of making beer
  3. Quality control tests
  4. The absence of harmful bacteria
  5. Conclusion

The brewing process begins with four ingredients: water, barley, hops and yeast. Harpoon does not put any preservatives or additives in their beer. Each step in the process can process 3,800 gallons at a time. There is one machine for each step except fermentation, which has 22 uni-tanks. A process flow diagram is available as exhibit 1.
The first step is the roller Mill and Grist Case. Seven thousand pounds of different varieties of malted barley is mixed together for each batch of beer which is 120 barrels or 3,800 gallons. The barley is cracked and the starches within are exposed. This process takes 30 minutes.

[...] Harpoon knows this and has arranged their production line accordingly with 22 tanks to ferment and condition beer. The filtered beer is sent to the Bright Beer Tank where it is infused with carbon dioxide overnight. Several quality control tests are done then the beer is sent to either the bottling room or racking (kegging) machine. The bottling machine can process 250 bottles a minute or bottle cases a day. The Racking machine can fill a 13.2 gallon keg every minute, or 270 kegs a day of harpoon beer is put into bottles while 35% is kegged. [...]

[...] In 2000, they added another brewery in Vermont, where currently 30% of their beer is made Harpoon is now the largest craft brewer in New, England. We were at the brewery for two hours and observed the everyday operations of the brewing process. The overall evaluation is that they are efficient and everything runs fairly smoothly. It seems that it is very rare for something to go wrong in the brewery. We spoke to the quality control manager, Jaime Schier, and he said that there was only one issue, which occurred once in the seven years he has worked there. [...]

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