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Mortgages For First-Time Home Buyers: The Basics

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  1. Mortgage lenders
    1. What is a mortgage lender?
    2. Are there different types of mortgage lenders?
    3. How do I choose a mortgage lender?
  2. Mortgage financing
    1. Interest rates
    2. Term
    3. Down payment
    4. Points
  3. Budgeting and planning
  4. Online mortgage
    1. Advantages
    2. Disadvantages
    3. Lead generation sites
  5. Additional resources
  6. References

Choosing a new home can be an overwhelming task, but even more daunting is choosing a mortgage lender to help you finance your new home. In your search for a home loan, it is important to know the different types of lenders as well as the different methods of shopping for a loan so that you may choose which ones are right for you.

[...] Also, when shopping for a mortgage online, you do not have a broker there to advise you and to do all the footwork for you. It is necessary to know exactly what you want and to be willing to put forth a little time and effort to find it. Lead Generation Sites In addition to single-lender websites, there are also a few sites, called lead generation sites (LGSs), that are often advertised as one-stop shops for online mortgages because they work with several different lenders. [...]

[...] Possibly the most important advantage is that lenders regularly offer lower prices online that they do by telephone or in person. Selling mortgages online allows lenders to cut out much of their overhead, such as commission for loan officers and the rent and maintenance costs of a traditional lending agency; online shoppers also benefit since competition forces the lenders to allocate part of the savings to the borrowers. Additionally, online shopping helps borrowers avoid many of the scams used by unscrupulous loan officers because the borrower can check the prices online at any time. [...]

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