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Risk management

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  1. Measuring operational risk
  2. The market risk
  3. Risk management and portfolio construction in times of crisis
  4. A trading book

Measuring operational risk allows, in so many ways to anticipate the continuous and discrete potential risks that hold many intangible elements. By sophistical trends, we can measure how it could affect any project on the long term and involve in its management ways. Even the measurement needs to be improved all the time according to the global changes, and measuring risks brings many benefits. It allows risk management and focusing on the more profitable one. It allows efficient metrics regarding the risk/return ratio which allow aligning the corporate policies with the corporate strategic goals. It ropes a risk-aware culture in business. It allows the competitive implementation and the market areas domination through analysis. But we also feel whatever the measurement of an operational risk, a risk management also needs to be accompanying by a global context, a history and a vision for the future. The dollar value is often referred as a method used to measure interest rate risk.

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