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The role of National Bank Ltd in export and import in Bangladesh – NBL Dhaka

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  1. Introduction
    1. Meaning of bank and banker
    2. Industrial background and origin of banking
  2. Nationalized commercial banks, foreign banks, private banks and Islamic banks in Bangladesh
  3. Understanding the basic concepts in banking
  4. History of banking in Bangladesh
  5. The basis of international trade
  6. Banks involvement in import procedure
  7. The primary and secondary functions of banking in Bangladesh
  8. Understanding the concepts in import procedure in Bangladesh
  9. Research and interpretation of the banking functions in Bangladesh
  10. Growth and development of banking organization in Bangladesh
    1. Correspondent relationship
    2. Human Resource Development - HRD
    3. Present situation of the organization
  11. Conclusions
  12. Bibliography

A bank is an institution, which deals in money. It means that a bank receives money in the form of deposits from the public and lends money for the development of trade and commerce.

It is very difficult to define the term ?Bank? or ?Banker? precisely. Even the best authorities on banking have failed to provide a satisfactory definition of the term. This is because a modern bank performs numerous activities.

Dr. H.L. Hart defines a banker as ?One who, in the ordinary course of his business, receives money which he repays by honoring the cheques of persons from whom or on whose account he receives it?.

The Banking Companies Act of 1949, Section 5(b) defines banking as " accepting for the purpose of lending or investment of deposits from the public, repayable on drafts, orders or otherwise", for it includes investment of money deposited which is withdraw able by cheque, this indicates that banking is different from private money lending or indigenous banking.

Section 6 of the Banking Companies Act of 1949 specifies a good number of business functions such as discounting, buying and selling, collecting and dealing business instruments like bill of exchange, hundies, promissory notes, drafts, bills of lading, warrans, debentures, and securities etc. Banks can also undertake buying and selling of foreign exchange including notes. The banks can

Also acquire, hold, issue, underwrite shares, debentures of business companies etc. The bank is prohibited in carrying out trading activities.
Thus, a banking institution accepts deposits and creates credit with a view to lend and invest.

[...] Pro-forma invoice 10.IMP form (foreign exchange regulation act 1947-04 copies make a set ) After L/C opening 1.L/C copy (06 Copies) 02 copies to advising bank-01 for advising bank & other for exporter 02 copies to importer -01 copy as office copy & other for customs clearance 02 copies for opening bank-01copy as office copy & other for CCI & E 2.L/C forwarding letter-01copy 3.Reimbursement Authorization Voucher: Contra voucher: DR: Customers liability L/C BTB Contra CR: Bankers Liability L/C BTB LODGEMENT Contra voucher: DR: Bankers Liability L/C BTB Contra CR: Customers Liability L/C BTB IFDBC (Inward Foreign Documentary Bill For Collection) Creation Contra voucher: DR: Foreign Bills Lodged a/c Contra CR: Foreign Bills for Collection BTB C payment Contra Voucher: Contra DR: Foreign Bills for Collection CR: Foreign Bills Lodged a/c Debit Voucher (double currency Voucher) DR: Exporter's F.C a/c Credit Voucher (double currency Voucher) CR: NBL General A/C-HO (It is supported by IBETCA) EDF (Export Development Fund) Export development fund is special credit window created by Bangladesh bank to provide short-term finance in foreign currency for importation of inputs by opening L/C at sight by the export oriented industrial unit of non traditional items. [...]

[...] The former Deputy Governor Office of State Bank of Pakistan? which was located in Dhaka city became as a central bank of Bangladesh by the order to realization of socialistic economy on 26th March in 1972 all branches of banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh made nationalized. By the amalgamation of two head offices and ten branches offices, out of those six separate and impartial entities were made nationalized. Recently, the new angles of vision / viewpoint have introduced in bank and insurance business. [...]

[...] Chart showing the channel of bank's involve in Export & Import procedure: ( Payment ) Buying & Selling Contract ( D (documents ) (Documents) Services given to the exporter and importer by the bank: 1. Give margin facility 2. Bank takes all the responsibility of exports & import procedure Provide loan facility Loan against import merchandise ( LIM ) Loan against Trust receipt ( LTR ) Export development fund ( EDF ) Pay against Documents ( PAD ) Loan against trusts Receipt The trust receipt is a document, which creates the bankers lien over goods and particularly hypothecation of the processed of selling discharge of the lien. [...]

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