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Tax Reform

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  1. Introduction
  2. Attempts to balance the budget
  3. Suppressing the natural flow of a system
  4. Earnings and discrimination
  5. Conclusion

Tax reform and the US budget go hand in hand. While many people seek a tax reform, they must understand that the most significant factor in determining the types and amounts of taxes that are to be paid is the US budget. Typically, it would be expected that if a budget is in the red, taxation would inevitably be a consequence. The following discusses the downfalls of balancing the US budget and its affects on taxation.

[...] Since cash-flow is the life-blood of a healthy economy, the economy will deteriorate, increasing the federal government's expenses on such things as welfare and student loans, which is exactly contrary to the original goal of saving money for other programs. Thus, it is necessary for the federal government to spend as much money as possible so that it does not have to spend a lot of money. It is imperative to understand that suppressing the natural flow of any system will only lead to chaotic behavior. [...]

[...] One solution includes decreasing the balance trade by increasing the tax on imports and promoting exportation. Once the country has a positive balance of trade it will be cheaper to buy products within the country, thus promoting the circulation of money. Earnings and Discrimination Is it fair for a physician to make $200,000 annually, while the suffering garbage man must accept $25,000? There are many reasons which account for this phenomenon. Typically, wage differentials compensate workers for job attributes, and workers with more money get paid more than workers with less money. [...]

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