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An in-depth project on Barclay’s Finance

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  1. Introduction (industry profile)
  2. The changing paradigm of banking
    1. Economic scenario at a global level
  3. The company profile
    1. Nature of business
    2. Background and inception
    3. Vision , mission and quality policy
    4. Services provided by Barclays
    5. Achievements and rewards
    6. The work flow model
  4. McKinney's 7s Model
  5. Balance sheet analysis
  6. Conclusion

A financial system is the most important institutional and functional vehicle for the economic transformation of any country. Banking sector is reckoned as a hub and barometer of the financial system. As a pillar of the economy, this sector plays a predominant role in the economic development of the country. The geographical pervasiveness of the bank coupled with the range and depth of their services make the system an indispensable medium in every day transactions. The virtual monopoly of banks in `Payment Mechanism' touches the lives of millions of people every day and every where. Thus the banking sector has been playing a significant role as growth facilitator.

Change is the only constant factor in this dynamic world and banking is not an exception. The changes staring in the face of bankers relates to the fundamental way of banking-which is undergoing rapid transformation in the world of today, in response to the forces of completion productivity and efficiency of operations, reduced operating margins better asset/liability management, risk management, any time and any where banking. The major challenge faced by banks today is to protect the falling margins due to the impact of competition. Another significant impact of banks today is the technology issue. There is an imperative need for not mere technology up gradation but also its integration with the general way of functioning of banks to give them an edge in respect of services provided to optimizing the use of funds and building up MIS for decision making and better management of assets and liabilities and risk assumed which in turns have a direct impact on the balance sheet of banks as a whole.

[...] This proved to be more than just an advertising slogan. We re-engineered the way our customers bank with us by harnessing the power of innovative thinking and reliable technology, tried and tested by Barclays around the world. For example, we introduced 15-minute account opening in the UAE and flexible payment days for Barclaycard, setting a very high market benchmark. Vision , Mission and Quality policy Vision Once there was name to the United Kingdom that there is no sun set in their kingdom. [...]

[...] System Collecting customers from sources Tele calling to the customers Executive approach with the customers Collecting the requirements and processing it Agreement , disburse the approval files and clearance the customers files Style Barclays finance has both participative and authoritative leadership styles In bottom level employees has given the freedom and to participative in decisions to their level management. They have to accept and obey to decisions of high level of management Staff 1. Manager 2. Customer Relationship Managers(3) 3. [...]

[...] Barclays Finance business is lending Personal loans /unsecured loans to the customers on basis of Back ground and inception History The story of how Barclays has grown from modest beginnings in the dark streets of 17th century London to be one of the world's leading banks is a fascinating one. ?We're particularly proud of our history of innovation and inspiration. It gives us confidence that our story is far from over, and that we are set to become an even stronger presence on the world's financial stage.? Barclays is a financial services organization which moves, lends, invests and protects money for more than 42 million customers and clients around the world from large businesses to personal account holders. [...]

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