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An overview of the financial system

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  1. Introduction
    1. Why study financial market?
    2. Why study financial institutions?
  2. The function of financial markets
  3. The structure of financial markets
    1. The distinction between debt markets and equity markets
    2. The distinction between primary market and secondary market
    3. Exchange / OTC Market
    4. Money market and Capital market
  4. The internationalization of financial market
    1. International bon market, Euro bonds, Euro currencies
    2. World stock market
  5. The financial intermediaries
    1. Depositary institution:
    2. Contractual saving institution:
  6. The regulation of the financial system
    1. Increasing the information available to investors:
    2. Insuring the soundness of financial intermediaries
    3. Improvement in the control of monetary policy:

Financial markets are markets in which funds are transferred from people who have an excess of available funds to people who have a shortage. They are very important in the channeling funds from people who do not have a productive use for them to people who do have productive use for them. Financial markets activities also have direct effects on personal wealth, on the behavior of business (firm, company), consumers and more generally on the overall performance of the economy. Security Security is a financial instrument: it is a claim on the issuer's future income and assets. It's financial claim or a peace of property that is subject to ownership (legal term which means the fact of owning something legally).Share is a certificate of ownership. Bond Bond is a debt security that promises to make payments regularly (periodically) for aspecified period of time. Bond markets are very important to economic activity because they enable corporations and government to borrow in order to finance their activities andprojects.Bond markets are important places because they are places where interest rates aredetermined. There is a second reason why the bond markets are important places : they aredebt certificates. It's why the bond market is called the debt market in the press.

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