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Analysis of the funds and cash flow in the electronics industry in India

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  1. Introduction to Indian electronics industry
  2. A brief study of Indian electronics industry
  3. The product base
  4. Exports in Indian electronics industry
  5. Technology development
  6. Manpower development
  7. Introduction to Electronics Corporation of India Limited
  8. Products description
  9. Funds flow analysis
  10. Cash flow analysis
  11. Difference between Cash flow analysis and Funds flow analysis
  12. Suggestions
  13. Findings
  14. Conclusion

Electronics with its wide and varied applications have attained the status of an all pervasive industry today. The world electronics scene has undergone profound and breathe taking changes, it has penetrated every field in consumer and capital goods. From fan regulators to airplane instrument, electronics has taken over and posses a threat to render obsolete all electro-mechanical controls and relays. Next to inflation and population, electronics seems to be an explosive growth.

Mankind has witnessed significant progress in wide variety of disciplines; especially nuclear energy and space science have displayed the highest growth rate. The most vital contributor to their remarkable space is electronics. Electronics enabled to probe the unknown vast expenses of space .the rate of growth of electronics industry in any country is considered to be an indicator of the industrial and social progress. A nation decisions of getting into the forefront of industrialization can ill-afford to neglect the vital industry, strengthening of which would give a direct impetus to economic growth.

Today electronics pervades diverse fields of endeavor-nuclear energy, space industry, communications, defense, medicine, agriculture etc are only a few to name it is ever expanding with a tremendous pace. Electronics occupies a key position in modern science and technology. It has a vital role to play in field of atomic energy, space, communications, defense, education, agriculture, manufacture, services, entertainment, and employment generation and in taking national development essential for improving productivity and quality of life.

[...] Uses of Funds Flow Statement: Funds flow statement helps the financial analyst in having a more detailed analysis and understanding of changes in the distribution of resources between two balance sheet dates It explains the financial consequences of business operations It acts as an instrument for allocation of resources It tests the effective use of working capital. Parties Interested in Funds Flow Statement: Funds flow statement is useful for different parties in the business. In terms of ECIL.They are Government of INDIA Government banks Customers Government of INDIA : Government of INDIA is the owner of the company i.e. [...]

[...] The electronics industry can be broadly classified into five sectors namely: Consumer electronics Communication & broadcasting equipment Aerospace & defense equipment Industrial electronics Electronics components In India, the manufacture of telecommunication equipment and equipment required by the defense department are reserved for the public sector. Entertainment electronics, medical electronics and power supply systems have been allotted to small and medium scale sectors. The basic segments of industrial electronics industry are: Instrumentation & controls Electronics drives Data acquisition system Production relays Numeric controls Robotics Process computers with peripherals All these segments have very high growth potential due to the growing emphasis on modern industry technology, safety, energy conversation and environmental protection. [...]

[...] Electronic Voting Machines (many models) BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCTS: INTEGRATED HF, V/UHF COMINT SYSTEMS: Perform comprehensive search monitoring, direction finding, decoding, signal analysis and recording operations in HF & V/UHF radio frequency spectrum. High speed receivers, high sensitivity monitoring receivers, direction finder systems, automatic signal classifiers, and data decoders etc as basic blocks run on custom built software with user friendly man machine interface. MOBILE RADIO SURVEILLANCE & MONITORING SYSTEM: Radio frequency surveillance in VHF & UHF frequency bands detects, monitors, identifies and locates radio communication sources system consists of high speed search receiver, high sensitivity monitoring receiver & direction finder controlled through a Pentium based PC controller operating under windows NT environment. [...]

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