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The financial expenses of a hotel

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  1. Current assets
    1. Cash
    2. Short-term investments
    3. Receivables
    4. Trade accounts receivable
    5. Other receivables
    6. Current maturities of long term receivables
  2. Other assets
    1. Goodwill
    2. Cash surrender value of life insurance
    3. Deferred charges
  3. Current liabilities
    1. Notes payable
    2. Accounts payable
    3. Accrued expenses
    4. Advance deposits
    5. Income taxes payable
  4. Current maturities of long-term debt
  5. Income statement items
  6. Net revenue
  7. Gross profit

Cash includes Cash on Hand (House Banks), Demand Deposits, and Temporary Cash Investments. Temporary Cash Investments should be of demand nature or have maturities within 90 days at the time of purchase. Cash that is restricted formally for long-term purposes, such as property and equipment replacement reserves, should be included in Non current Assets.

Prepaid Expenses generally represents payments for items that will benefit future operating periods. Normally, the amounts are charged to operations based upon when the benefits are received. Examples include insurance, property taxes, rent, interest, maintenance, the unused net benefit under barter contracts, and other similar items.

[...] Investments in marketable equity securities and debt securities, where there is not the intent and ability to hold such securities to maturity, should be considered ?available for sale? and reflected at market value with unrealised gains and losses being shown, net of tax effects, as a separate component of equity. Investments in debt securities where there is the intent and ability to hold such securities to maturity should be considered ?held to maturity? and reflected at amortised cost. Property and Equipment This grouping of accounts includes owned Land; Buildings; Furnishings and Equipment and the cost of Leaseholds and Leasehold Improvements. [...]

[...] Examples include the unearned portion of amounts received or charged to non-guests for the use of recreational facilities, unredeemed gift certificate sales, unclaimed wages, and the net liability under barter contracts. Long-Term Debt This line item includes mortgage notes, other notes, and similar liabilities and obligations under capital leases that are not payable during the next 12 months. Other Long-Term Liabilities Long-term liabilities, being liabilities that will not require satisfaction within a year, that are not included under other captions should be included here. [...]

[...] The second group of items transferred to be beverage outlets includes snack foods, such as peanuts, pretzels, and popcorn, or other foods prepared in-house and sent to the beverage outlet for use on a complimentary basis as appetisers or hors d'oeuvres, typically during a happy hour. These items are charged to Other Expense Gratis Food, on the beverage department. Beverage Transfers to Food Wine, brandy, and other alcoholic beverages are frequently used to flavour sauces, soups, and many entrees. They are also used to flame dishes in tableside cookery. [...]

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