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A critical analysis of the investment patterns of people: A study of Standard Chartered mutual fund

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  1. Introduction
    1. Objectives of mutual fund
    2. Types of mutual fund
    3. NAV concepts and its calculations
    4. Recent trends in mutual fund industry
    5. Investment trends
  2. Company profile - Standard Chartered
    1. Overview of Standard Chartered
    2. Establishments of Standard Chartered around the world
    3. Strategic alliances and acquisitions in 2005
    4. About Standard Chartered mutual fund
    5. Standard Chartered products
  3. Equity fund vs stock market
  4. Objective of the study
  5. Methodology of the study
  6. Recommendations and limitations of the study
  7. Questionnaire
  8. Conclusion
  9. Bibliography

Mutual funds are one of the most important segments of the financial system of the country. The financial system consists of financial institutions, banks, investment bodies, the capital market and money market intermediary instrument used in the capital market through which money resources are mobilized from savers of fund to users of fund. Mutual funds are financial intermediaries that collect funds from the public and invest on behalf of investors. ?Put your money in trust, not trust in money' entices the small investors, who generally lack the expertise to invest on their own in the securities market and prefer some kind of collective investment vehicles, which can pool their marginal resources, invest in securities and distribute the returns among them on co-operative principles.

The investors benefit is in terms of reduced risk, and higher returns arising from professional expertise of fund managers employed by such investment vehicle. ?Mutual fund? is an investment vehicle for investors who pool their savings for investing in diversified portfolio of securities with the aim of attractive yields and appreciation in their value. The scenario of Indian Capital Market has changed drastically. In developed financial markets, mutual funds have overtaken bank deposits and total assets of insurance funds. In the USA, the number of mutual funds far exceeds the number of listed securities. Mutual funds in USA occupy the third position in the financial sector after banks and insurance companies. Annual sales of mutual funds account for more than $ 100 billion.

[...] PHASE 4 A Critical Analysis of Investment Patterns of People in Ahmedabad Given the plethora of options on hand, needs and preferences of people differ tremendously. Although everyone is different , most people go through broadly predictable stages of development in their adult lives: Young Adulthood Building a family. Middle age your career peak Retirement Therefore spending is likely to vary enormously at the different life stages, as well as the investment needs of the individual. Also these habits differ in case of serviceman, business person or self-employed professional. [...]

[...] The above finding clearly shows that there should be investment advisor in each mutual fund house who can guide investors regarding their savings since 25% of the investors make investment on the advice of brokers. Brokers can be bias because they are primarily concerned about their brokerage and they might suggest those mutual funds where they can earn more brokerage. Table OCCUPATION WISE PREFERENCE OF INVESTORS REGARDING SOURCE USED TO GET INVESTMENT INFORMATION SOURCE OF INFORMATION OCCUPATION TOTAL SERVICE BUSINESS PROFESSION OTHERS Brokers/sub-brokers 22 8 5 ( 12.5 ) 5 ( 12.5 ) 40 Prospectus 16 6 3 7 32 Newspapers & Magazines 25 12 9 10 56 Television 11 4 3 5 23 Any other 5 1 1 2 9 Figures in bracket indicate the percentage The occupation wise analysis also offers more or less the similar results as are obtained at the overall level and across the various age groups. [...]

[...] Standard Chartered Premier Equity Fund An innovative open-ended equity fund that attempts to generate wealth over the long term through a potent combination of a well-defined investment strategy and a robust investment management structure. The Premier Equity Fund will indulge wholeheartedly to create wealth creation process and thus seek to provide long-term investors with an option to generate wealth Standard Chartered Imperial Equity Fund The Imperial Equity Fund is an open-ended diversified equity fund that would seek to invest in outstanding companies. [...]

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