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Creating an application for proper implementation of wealth management

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  1. Introduction
  2. Foreword
  3. Investment banks: A bird's eye view
    1. Individual customers
    2. Corporate customers
    3. Securities services
    4. Banking
  4. Role of corporate financing in investment banking
  5. Mergers and acquisitions in investment banking
  6. Sales and trading aspects of investment banking
  7. Investment banking with the growth of markets
  8. A functional overview of an investment bank
  9. Research objectives
  10. An introduction to markets in financial instrument directive
  11. Suggestion
  12. Conclusion
  13. Questionnaire
  14. Bibliography

? Without order nothing would exist, without chaos nothing would evolve ?. As the saying goes nothing would evolve without chaos and nothing would exist without order, the same applies in the areas of business. Something new comes into the market to bring order and safety in the markets but along with that comes confusion which causes chaos in the markets bringing creativity and new solutions which none would have thought about, before. This is the case in all areas of business.

For individual customers the banks offer services like mutual funds advisory, mortgages, savings and retirement plans etc. these are some of the services offered by the investment banks for individual clients.

As our application is on wealth management for the private clients I will just give a brief introduction on these services as well. For corporate clients banks offer services like asset management, securities services and banking.
Asset management: it is basically providing asset management services to both private and individual clients it includes private pension funds, insurance companies and major corporations.

Securities services:

This is the area on which the application is mainly built on; here the bank offers brokerage services in terms of bond markets, over the counter markets and forex markets. The application, which we are creating just, distributes data to the respective clients. I.e. it acts as a platform for distributing data between the bank and clients. The problems and its effects and the new regulation and its effects are considered here backed by a research to give a better solution to the problem.


These are the normal banking services provided by the banks.Now with the basic understanding of the investment banks, lets get little deeper into the process for servicing the private clients in terms of securities markets. The application mainly revolves around two things they are sales and trading and structured finance. The other functions are also described below.

The following is a description of the main activities of investment banks. The large, full-service providers have a lot more activities, ranging from high-yield desks to arbitrage departments, to distressed securities desks to asset management, etc. Some of the boutiques also may not actually have some of these activities, as they might specialize in other areas. Most of the major activities, however, can fall into the one of the groupings below:

[...] Is it because of the System problems Application not customized Servers are slow Inadequate data Any other Will there be proper data available for cusips/ISIN? Yes No. What are some of the problems in the application? Will the client be happy when you send the reports on time? Yes No 10) Will the client come back when a cusip/ISIN is not priced? Yes sometimes asking the bank to buy back the bonds/securities Yes {but not sales person comes back on us} No Never 11) Have you seen two cusips with same description but having different cusips and having different prices? [...]

[...] Investment banks: A bird's eye view: Let me start of with the brief introduction about investment banks, as the application is all about wealth management let me give what wealth management is all about and what are the other services, which are offered by the banks etc. Normally investment banks give services to two types of clients they are Individual customers Corporate customers. For individual customers the banks offer services like mutual funds advisory, mortgages, savings and retirement plans etc. [...]

[...] This research was carried to what are the problems which as an investment bank might face during the implementation of the reforms, as we all know that already the banks will be using a application which might be used to distribute data to the clients, I have mentioned earlier what are the fields which are used and how is the pricing done and how it is sent to clients. With the present system having certain problems, which might cause some errors, as the new reforms are made an investment bank will remove its old trading platforms and while installing the new one they can make sure that the bugs are not repeated. [...]

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