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Direct investments flows between France and Great Britain

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  1. A quick overview
    1. The global situation
    2. In France
    3. In Great Britain
  2. Competitiveness: a key to success
    1. General overview
    2. France's competitiveness
    3. Great Britain's competitiveness
  3. The most attractive sectors
    1. In France, for the British investors
    2. In Great Britain for French's investors
  4. The elements that limit investment
    1. In France for Britain's investors
    2. In Great Britain for French's investors
  5. Elements that encourage investment
    1. The notion of attractiveness
    2. In France
    3. In Great Britain

"We believe that working together, France and Britain can be an even greater force for good in the world of tomorrow and so, if you like, this will be an entente formidable as well?. -Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister. This quotation illustrates the desire that France and Great Britain have, for working together and being stronger, thanks to each other. Great Britain is an essential partner to France in the field of trade and investments. In 2006, France's exports and imports reached 30.7 billion and 22.4 billion respectively. The position of first bilateral surplus for France was maintained in 2006. This thesis will illustrate the direct investments between these two countries that all gather. More particularly, we will focus on the elements that influence the flow of the investments. Why did I choose France and Great Britain? The reason is that they are the two most attractive countries in terms of foreign investments in Europe and the two main destinations for it. About investments, Britain is the 3rd destination of the French investments abroad with 1,500 subsidiaries and 250,000 employees.

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