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International finance distribution of currency of AUD and USD

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  1. The distributional features
  2. Normal distribution
  3. The volatility of the currency pairing and the currency pairing's trends
  4. The likely directional movement of AUD/USD based on a valid statistical method

The distribution above conforms to the features of a normal distribution in terms of skewness, kurtosis, and tails. The mean-mode-median of the distribution is at the center. The mean is the arithmetic average of all the scores recorded, mode refers to the fact that the mean appears near the most scores, and the median is the middle score of the distribution when they are arranged in ascending order. There are instances when the frequency assumes the shape of a bell resulting in the bilateral symmetry where the balances on the negative are balanced with those on the positive, the opposite areas are the same, and half of the scores appear above and below the mean (Cousins and Zlicar, 2016, pp. 224-238).

[...] Liquidity, Risk Appetite and Exchange Rate Movements during the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009. SSRN Electronic Journal, pp. 7-9. doi: 10.2139 /ssrn.1427115 Nebesnijs, A. (2012). Price Discovery in the Foreign Exchange Market: The Analysis of Highs and Lows. SSRN Electronic Journal, 56(88), pp. 25- 34. doi: 10.2139 /ssrn.2353534 Simpson, J., and Evans, J. (2004). Commodity exporting countries and exchange rates: Australian evidence. Derivatives Use, Trading & Regulation, pp. 70-84. Yellowitz, A., and Wilson, M. [...]

[...] (2015). Characteristics of Bitcoin users: an analysis of Google search data. Applied Economics Letters, 22(13), pp. 1030-1036. [...]

[...] Measure the association (correlation) evident between the AUD and the value of bulk minerals. Given what you have observed and using relevant third party research, comment on the assertion that the AUD is a commodity currency. The prices of the country's key exports such as minerals in the form of iron ore, coal, and copper. However, this has not drastically affected the overall performance of the economy in terms of employment creation and unemployment reduction the post-mining boom was affected by the decline in the exchange rate between the two currencies, especially in the private sector. [...]

[...] International finance distribution of currency of AUD and USD Draw a diagrammatic representation of continuously compounded returns of the AUD/USD pairing distribution of the returns graphically). What are the distributional features that you observe? Figure AUD/ USD Continuous Returns The genesis current uptrend is represented by the last candle on the left of this diagram. It is observable that the uptrend was composed of instances when the price was exhibiting higher highs and lower highs. In this trending, the pair was breaking itself through the resistance level that was very significant. [...]

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