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Social Security

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  1. Introduction
  2. The birth of economic security
  3. Social Security around the world
  4. Social Security in the United States
  5. Conclusion
  6. Works cited

While the United States was still establishing itself and public debates rage over what the role and duties of their new government should be other countries were fleshing out their own social security legislature. In 1880 the Chancellor of Germany, Otto von Bismarck pressured his government to pass laws that offered sickness insurance to all the nations workers. In 1883 this law was passed as well as pension benefits in 1889. In 1927, unemployment insurance was passed into German law. The same activity can be seen in England.

[...] SOCIAL SECURITY The term social security as used in America today refers to a social insurance program officially established in 1935. This program is funded by a tax on the payroll of all working citizens in the United States. The social security program can be broken down into three parts: Retirement benefits, disability, and survivor benefits. Retirement benefits are available for people of the age of 62 and retired. The amount of the monthly stipend is dependent on how much that particular person has made in his or her lifetime. [...]

[...] The Soviet Union in 1922, and Chile in 1924 followed by adopting their own social security programs. Fifty four countries had already established social security programs before the United States established theirs. It isn't until 1935, during the New Deal, under Roosevelt's socially conscious eye was American's social security program established and signed into law (Social Security). Social Security in the United States The Social Security Act created two levels of social security: Federal- state unemployment and federal retirement benefits. [...]

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