How does it work?

Do you like a paper on the website? Add this document by clicking on "Exchange" and in the following page, we shall ask you to send us one of your papers in exchange for the chosen one. Our selection committee team will reply in 2 business days time regarding your paper(s) selection. Once accepted, we shall send you an email with a link to download the paper(s) selected. If you like to purchase 2 papers? Send us 2 papers and so on without any limitation. You can exchange any type (doc/pdf/ppt) of documents to another.

Here are a few simple steps to understand the selection criteria

  • The document has to be fully written.
  • Your document has to be recent, It needs to have recent updates/figures, if the subject is changing: E.g. Oil price rise due to various factors.
  • Your document has to have a bibliography (except for book reviews or a text comment).
  • You have to be the author of your document and it should not be plagiarized -> We use Tools to detect plagiarism.
  • Your document has to be long enough. Mainly, it needs to be inline with the subject you have chosen. E.g.: If you write an article about WWII for 2 pages, we will refuse it, as it is not possible to sum up WWII in 2 pages.
  • We do not publish any notes taken during a course.

Send any type of paper whether doc, pdf or ppt and in any subject of your interest.