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Aryan invasion theory by Max Muller is a conspiracy

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  1. Introduction
  2. About Max Muller
  3. Theory and controversy
  4. Aryan invasion theory
  5. Conspiracy
  6. Conclusion

Almost all ancient cultures that have been found to be always close to the river valley. Man at that time considered the water is the only source of life. By being near the water, they can survive, and the river is a suitable place for it. This happened not without reason. Areas close to the river is an area that has great natural wealth. The amount of vegetation plants and animals reflects the fertile region around the river. The Indus River in India certainly has had these aspects, plus the river is flanked by large mountains with conditions of abundant flora and fauna. It all makes the river Indus as one river that became the center of ancient civilizations of the world, especially in mainland India.

The presence of the river Indus in the history of ancient relics representing the two cities most important and earliest civilization in India, the city of Mohenjodaro, Sind Province, Pakistan and the city of Harappa in the province of Punjab, India. According to experts based on the determination of 14-carbon age determination studies an organic object, using the bone-C14 compounds, suggesting that the presence of these two cities between 2000 and 3000 BC.

[...] Veda as adopted by Max Müller. So the destruction of the business they are doing for a moment and not merely be a time bomb in the development of Hinduism in the world. Until now, formal educational institutions Hindus, particularly in India makes Veda translations Max Müller and theories such as the main reference in the writings spawn and spawn Hindu intellectuals. Outbreaks of Hindu intellectuals by Indologists creation virus will eventually spread to other Hindu communities will erode and undermine Hindu from within. [...]

[...] Taking into account the archaeological evidence that the Sarasvati river dried up around 2200-10000 BC due to climate change leading to surface warming. Some spells-spells Rg. Mengagung Vedic Sarasvati river-angungkan existence is among others on the mantram VI VI and VII At least from the association with the presence of the river Sarasvati and compliments spells Rg. Veda is already a powerful evidence to refute the notion that states Rg. Veda brought from Europe by the nomadic Indo-German which is touted as the Aryans. [...]

[...] In the Vedic texts tersebutlah, Müller coined the term "Aryan". In the Vedas there are quite a lot of the term Aryan, for example in the Purana Purana Ramayana that is used to describe the figure of Sri Rama Sarva Arya Samascaiva Sadaiva Priyadarsanah, which means, Arya, someone who works for the public interest and care for all people. According to Stephen Knapp (2004) someone called Arya if the person is descended from a noble family, gentle temperament, good behavior and act correctly. [...]

[...] Beginning in the 1910s, the theory of "Arya is a Proto-Indo-European" is not used anymore since the discovery of evidence arkelologis by a German archaeologist named Otto Schrader in 1918. In conclusion, he said that Aryans are people who come from areas of Iran (Indo-Iranian). Michael Witzel, the article says that "Everyone uses the word Arya as Indo-European and all theory-19th century and beginning of the 20th century should be avoided". There Never Attack of the Aryan When observed, the theory of Aryan attack does not have a strong scientific basis. Sir John Marshall offers evidence that India followed the Vedic civilization long before the arrival of the Aryans. [...]

[...] Or is it only a theory made by Max Müller who serve the UK since the UK is a colonial India? So what is the reason? This paper will review the historical record of the truth based on scientific evidence (archaeological excavation) or based on the content of the Vedas themselves. The purpose of this paper is to describe error-kekeliuran contained in Nation Invasion Theory by Max Müller says that viable as a theory that has no truth value, and reveals a special purpose behind the emergence of the theory. [...]

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