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Antiquated Roman law

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  1. The tyranny form of government
    1. The concept of power
    2. The tyrant, the sole holder of power
  2. Tyranny, a controversial and transient system
    1. A controversial system
    2. A transient regime

The period called "archaic", is one that extends from the legendary founding of Rome in 753 BC., until the mid-second century BC. It opened two courses at once: royalty, until the sixth century, and a large part of the Republic, from 509 to 134. This period is characterized by a basic objective: law. Legal acts were few (mostly mencipio, the in iure cessio and sponsio) and the procedure known as "the actions of law" (legis shares) was distinguished by its heaviness and its lack of flexibility. Moreover, the field of sacred (fas) and the law (ius) were not clearly demarcated. The primitive law was still imbued with religious elements. Knowledge and its interpretation were the exclusive privilege of a priestly college of priests called pontiffs. Finally, this law was archaic in the entire civil 'ius', in the sense that its rules applied only to Roman citizens in Quirites.

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