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Christianity in Roman Gaulle .

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  1. Strategy Analysis
    1. The State of the overall market demand
    2. Competitive Analysis
    3. Regulatory Developments
  2. Research of the strategic choices
    1. Conceptual Analysis
    2. Strategic approaches
  3. Justification of strategic choices
    1. Justification in relation to internal capabilities
    2. Justification in relation to the changing environment
  4. Change in Strategy
    1. Changes likely
    2. Advancement
  5. Rationale of the strategy by a strategic analysis tool
  6. Analysis of coherence between the strategic choices of the firm and the accounting and financial information.
    1. Structure Analysis
    2. Evolution of the operating cycle
    3. Analysis of results

For a Roman, Christianity is an Eastern religion, born in the land of Israel, which is managed by the Romans, and imbued with Hellenic culture. Christians gathered in small isolated groups and, soon, the Greeks gave them the name ecclesia, a term taken from legal vocabulary. In Greece, the term refers to the Assembly of Citizens of a city. From their origins, the Christian communities are politically conscious, and local churches were organized, with first of the Eastern Churches located in Damascus, Antioch and Caesarea. In the West, their location was at Corinth, Smyrna and Rome. Their institutions were emerging in Rome and attracted the suspicion and hatred of the Romans.

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