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Comment of texts on the revolts in Egypt

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The sources on the revolts in Egypt are very incomplete. There are only fragments or they have totally disappeared. Furthermore, it should be noted that there is a big problem of dating sources and chronology. With regard to available sources, they are very different. With regard to riots, mainly epigraphic sources, such as the Decree of Memphis, better known as the Rosetta Stone, literary sources, with few but essential information on the topic, with authors such as Polybius and Diodorus , and also papyrological sources are present. We mainly discuss about the disturbances from the reign of Ptolemy IV. It is an excerpt from Book XIV of the Histories of Polybius. It seems to evoke consecutive revolts at the battle of Raphia in 217. There is also an excerpt from the book of 22 stories and Polybius recounts the troubles that took place under Ptolemy V Epiphanes. Polybius was a Greek historian born in about 200 BC and died around 120 BC. In his work, he methodically analyzed the facts and researched the causes. Stories are his most famous works. Stories have the ability to show the superiority of Romans and how the Roman state was able to extend that dominance. His work is primarily political and military in nature. The third text is taken from a papyrus and is a police report about an attack on a village by Egyptian rebels. We know neither the exact date nor provenance of the papyrus. The fourth and final text from the book 31 of the Historical Library of Diodorus of Sicily recounts the revolt that took place at Alexandria under the reign of Ptolemy VI and VIII. Diodorus is also a Greek historian; he was born around 90 BC and died at the end of 1 BC. The Historical Library is a universal story of origins at the time of Caesar. Diodorus was inspired by books including Polybius XXVIII to XXXII. In contrast to the critical method and synthetic Polybius, Diodorus compiled texts by different authors. One may wonder if the revolts raised by these documents reveal a weakening of Ptolemaic.

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