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Company and right: the Roman society

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  1. Strategy Analysis
    1. The State of the overall market demand
    2. Competitive Analysis
    3. Regulatory Developments
  2. Research of the strategic choices
    1. Conceptual Analysis
    2. Strategic approaches
  3. Justification of strategic choices
    1. Justification in relation to internal capabilities
    2. Justification in relation to the changing environment
  4. Change in Strategy
    1. Changes likely
    2. Advancement
  5. Rationale of the strategy by a strategic analysis tool
  6. Analysis of coherence between the strategic choices of the firm and the accounting and financial information.
    1. Structure Analysis
    2. Evolution of the operating cycle
    3. Analysis of results

The company is characterized by an opposition between Roman citizens and non-citizens.

Roman citizens:
The concept of a legally homogeneous citizen is one who enjoys the right of the city. Beyond lies a socio-economic reality that is more complex. Roman societies were marked by profound social inequalities. So there is a paradox between unity and the disparity.The political system reflects this contrast. The elite, the plutocracy, actually directs the Republic. Between 300 and end of the Republic, two complementary phenomena coexist i.e. the growing number of citizens and the strong increase in socio-economic disparities between them.

There was a huge increase in the number of citizens. There were 910 000 in 70 BC. This was probably the result of the policy of assimilation of the neighboring cities and then the result of the establishment of settlements and the fact that the Romans granted Roman citizenship to many local elites to 'Romanise' countries.

Tags - Roman society, citizens, inflation, the Republic

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