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Diffusion of Christianity in Africa under the Early empire: sources, criteria, factors, and uncertainties

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The emergence and development of Christianity in Africa is more obscure than before the second century. Two traditions of Romans and the Eastern sides show the origins. These were initiated through the development of trade between Carthage and the great eastern ports. Archaeology dates back to the early years of the first century. The Jewish community grew even more after the capture of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, which caused the dispersion and exile of the Jews outside Palestine, in Africa as elsewhere in the Roman world. We know essentially that the primitive Christianity in Africa was brought about by the work of Tertullian. Christianity was characterized by his intransigence. Tertullian wanted to belong to a church and saw in every Christian a potential martyr trait that may appear completely foreign to the Roman Empire. The main limitation was the participation of Christians in pagan worship and in particular to the imperial cult, who accused the Christians of the crime of impiety. However, the policy framework which he used as reference remained of the Roman Empire and there was no question of siding with the enemies at the borders. In many ways, Christianity was rooted in a Tertullian municipal life. If permanently opposed to its "idolatry" of the ideal life of Christians, it was always at the prospect of converting the city. Therefore, historiographically speaking, we consider the martyrdom of Christians from Scilla, in 180 AD as the official birth of African Christianity. Some early Christians had names which led one to believe that primitive Christianity initially recruited its followers among the common people of Punic origin, but other martyrs were named more like Romans, thus, suggesting the penetration of Christianity from Romanized ore circles. They were in possession of books and letters of Paul. Then, in subsequent years, the Christians increased in number. Tertullian shows that Christianity affected all social categories.

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