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Eastern antiquity: Egyptian right

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Ancient Egypt lasted for over two millennia. This long period is divided into three sections

- the Old Empire from 2850 to 2160 BCE: This period includes the Thinite monarchy, the former Memphian Empire and a period of feudal decadence.
-The Middle Kingdom from 2000 to 1690: This period is marked by the people's access to public and religious rights.
-The new empire from 1559 to 1090 BCE: This period marked the apogee of the power that precedes the decline and foreign domination (from 525 Persian, Greek and Roman from 333 from 30 BC).

The political institutions of Ancient Egypt reflected the Egyptians' concern with the afterlife and their need for power. The social organization does not differ in its essential features from other ancient societies.

Among senior officials, the most important were:
The Prime Minister or the vizier. The person who occupied this post was often the son of the pharaoh. The Prime Minister initially dealt with most of the administrative tasks. He held the royal seal, wrote orders, administered justice and dealt with financial matters.

Tags - Prime Minister, vizier, the Thinite, Ancient Egypt

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