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Gaulle in the Roman Empire

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  1. Strategy Analysis
    1. The State of the overall market demand
    2. Competitive Analysis
    3. Regulatory Developments
  2. Research of the strategic choices
    1. Conceptual Analysis
    2. Strategic approaches
  3. Justification of strategic choices
    1. Justification in relation to internal capabilities
    2. Justification in relation to the changing environment
  4. Change in Strategy
    1. Changes likely
    2. Advancement
  5. Rationale of the strategy by a strategic analysis tool
  6. Analysis of coherence between the strategic choices of the firm and the accounting and financial information.
    1. Structure Analysis
    2. Evolution of the operating cycle
    3. Analysis of results

Despite the conquest, for several decades Gaul was still occupied militarily by the Romans and looted and humiliated. The Romans were the Pax Romana and the legions were the ambassadors of this civilization. Armies, made roads, thus stimulating the local economy and development of the urban fabric. Gaul also had an official status in the empire. It was integrated into the Roman imperial system, and received an efficient administration. When Hairy Gaul was conquered, Rome was still a republic. The Roman city was ruled by an oligarchy, but it was divided into factions and the entire republican system was in crisis. Caesar tried to address this decline by transforming the Republic into a monarchy. Caesar failed, but Octave succeeded. Despite this, the Roman monarchy was preserved for over 200 years as a hybrid, and it became an absolute monarchy in the 3rd century.

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