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Late Roman Empire: An overview

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The date of 476 is agreed upon as the official date which separates Antiquity and the Middle Ages in Western Europe. Indeed, this date symbolizes the deposition of the last Roman Emperor of the Occident: Romulus Augustule. Here, the study will begin at the beginning of the 4th century, during the reign of Constantin. Constantin was the founder of the Christian Roman Empire. His reign revolved around the major Roman Empire and had consequences on the nature of the later Mediterranean empires. Constantin was the son of one of the four emperors of the tetrarchie: mode of government of the Roman Empire by four co-emperors (the tetrarques indicate the four who control).

The tetrarchie was founded in Rome in 284 by Diocletien and allowed the political and military restoration of the empire after the anarchy of the III century. Among the four co -emperors, two were of first rank (one from the East and one from the Occident) and two of second rank (Cesar, who were the associates of Auguste). Theodosius Christianity is developing a more profound of the Empire.

This Christianity is accompanied by important phenomena in the organization of the Church and for the definition of Christian doctrine. The problem with this definition revolves around the concept of Trinity (said three elements that form a whole). The debate on the Trinity is caused by the priest Arius who is to Arianism. This doctrine is based on the subordination of the son against the father within the Trinity. It will be rejected in 325 at the Council of Nicaea (300 bishops).

Tags: Constantin, Christian Roman Empire, Mediterranean empires,Theodosius Christianity, concept of Trinity, Council of Nicaea

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