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Qin-dynasty statesmen and thinkers

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  1. The Qin government
  2. What advices the scholar would give to the First Emperor
  3. Legalists versus Confucian thoughts

If a scholar of Confucian Thoughts who lived during the Qin period could advocate and provide a feasible advice, what would the nature of the advice be to the First Emperor? The buzzing question which will thereafter erupt will be whether the scholar will be in a position to respond to the arguments of the Legalists. Fundamentally, from the perspectives of Qin-dynasty, statesmen and thinkers and their corresponding issues have been at stake for a considerable time. In 221 B.C., the Qin succeeded at putting an end to the period of chaos in ?China' by conquering all the polities under the control of different regional leaders. However, while the new ruling family had to maintain itself in power, it had to simultaneously face new challenges. The Empire had to come to terms and attain a position of being unified. Thereby, the state would be reorganized in order to establish peace and harmony. The ?authoritarian' methods of the Qin government mostly influenced by Legalists' ideas could then be largely criticized by a scholar of Confucian thoughts who would probably provide the First Emperor with different advices to solve the issues which were at stake. In effect, Xunzi provided a suitable example by describing the Qin's method of governing by stating and confirming that ?they employ them [the people] harshly, terrorize them with authority, embitter them with hardship, coax them with rewards, and cow them with punishments.' Using this influential quotation of Xunzi's, I will attempt to imagine and deduce the advices that this scholar would give to the First Emperor concerning his manner of governing in order to reestablish order within the empire. Thereby ensuring its prosperity as well as its resilience.

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