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The Athenian company

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  1. The tyranny form of government
    1. The concept of power
    2. The tyrant, the sole holder of power
  2. Tyranny, a controversial and transient system
    1. A controversial system
    2. A transient regime

Social disparities (between the rich and poor, between citizens and non-citizens) which already existed in the ninth century, crystallized with the development of urban life in the sixth and seventh centuries.

In Athens, the territorial fragmentation increased. In the fourth century there were about 15,000 owners among the 20,000 citizens and in the fifth century, Athens became the capital of international seaborne trade. It imported large quantities of wheat and exported wine, oil, ceramics and metal. This trade was mostly practiced by the metics (non-citizens) who made money but did not participate in the political life of the city.

Members of the civic body:
There were three links that allowed the individual to integrate himself into the civic body: kinship , links commensality and territorial links. The State could also grant, to individuals or groups of individuals, citizenship by decree. However, the acquisition of citizenship in this way is quite rare in Greece, despite the decreasing number of citizens. The numbers were decreasing because of wars.

One could lose his citizenship as a punishment for a crime.

Tags - Athens, citizenship, kinship, territorial rights

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