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The organization of the province of Egypt

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  1. Introduction
  2. A potential economic and ecological importance
    1. A possible flexibility of the treaty for a future operation?
    2. Climatic upheaval with multiple outcomes
  3. Towards recognition of indigenous peoples
  4. The Arctic: a military zone that is highly strategic
  5. Conclusion

Following conquests, Egypt was reduced to the status of Roman province. It existed as eight provinces: Macedonia, Achaia, Asia, Bithynia, Syria, Egypt, Cyrenaica and Crete. Augustus had retained the Senate. The term "provincial" is defined as a province of an administrative territory. One can observe two types: the provincial government (or Senate) and the imperial provinces. The province is the public heiress of the Republic. The Senate is assigned the provinces and the emperor is the holder of military power (imperium majus) and reserves the provinces near the borders of the empire and thus requires the presence of legions. Thus, after 27 BC, Egypt became an imperial province. For years, people thought that Egypt was a prince's personal property. But with the demonstration of Andre Piganiol's status in Augustan Egypt and its destruction, Egypt was considered an imperial province.

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