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Agriculture in Roman Africa under the early empire

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  1. Introduction
  2. The process of market research on the Internet
    1. Recall the general approach of market research
    2. Choosing the format of the study
  3. The data collection
    1. The choice of a method of data collection
    2. Choosing the format of the questionnaire
    3. The risk of bias
  4. Conclusion

Under the law of conquest, the conquered land was owned by the Roman Empire and it was this property which was the ager publicus. The first exceptions were the seven cities which had supported Rome during the Second Punic War and were not affected by these territorial considerations, such as the city of Utica. Recall that the influence of Rome was manifested as Cadastration states, namely the fact that any Proconsular, among others, was divided into centuries of land rectangles of about 50 ha. These surveyors were generally soldiers, known by their gromaticus surveying instrument called 'groma agrimensor'. At the beginning of a campaign of measures, some regions were sometimes ignored as 'idle' or 'subcessives', but sometimes also with centuriation or consolidation. The boundaries of plots were in the form of paths. The systematic assessment of the value of a territory was then undertaken by the establishment of property tax (tributum soli), collected by the quaestor Africa. Part of the ager publicus was then sold to the Romans with a view to formation of large areas.

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