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Education in Greece

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  1. The operations of annihilation: Actions tailored to the strategic problems of the revolutionary war
    1. Problems and specific features of the Red Army
    2. The dualism of operations of annihilation:The weakening of the enemy combined to strengthen the Red Army
  2. The refusal of passivity: necessary condition for the implementation of the actions of annihilation
    1. The role of the population for the military offensive
    2. The number and mobility for the success of the offensive

Education (paideia in Greek) covers a complex concept. Education in ancient Greece was essential in the formation of future citizens. The goal of education varied by the type of education given and by location. Thus, we pay particular attention to the case of Sparta and Athens. However, the Athenian model is generalized to the whole of Greece (except Sparta, which is a special case). One goal of education is to develop civic values, and to prepare the child for the job of a citizen in a city, because education is capable of transmitting values. We will therefore examine the role and the attention of the city on the education of youth, and the share entrusted to the family. Thus, there is, on one hand, public education, supported by the state, which helps shape a citizen-soldier, and on the other is private training, left to the care of the family. Schools and sophists provide an intellectual education.

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