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Andrews County Texas: History and Geography

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  1. Introduction
  2. Holding the county under the jurisdiction of Shakleford County
  3. Andrews County's main source of employment
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography

On August 1875, the state legislature passed an act creating 54 new counties. One of them was Andrews County. This act caused the break-up of Bexar County, one of the larger counties, which encompassed most of the Southern Plains and the Panhandle. Upon completion of this act, most of the smaller counties in the area were divided up into a completely remapped territory.
Andrews County, which is located in the southern portion of the High Plains. Andrews County is in addition located in The Permian Basin, as you can see on Fig 1.1.

[...] The center of the county is at 32 18' north latitude and 102 50' west longitude, and 110 miles southwest of Lubbock.[3] For administrative purposes the county was held under the jurisdiction of Shakleford County in 1876.[4] In 1882 administrative control was transferred to Howard Land District.2 In 1887 it was transferred to Martin Land District and in 1891 to Martin County. By 1890 a time of slow prosperity and growth occurred the county had a blossomed to a population of 24 and by 1900 had an impressive increase to the number of 87. [...]

[...] At the present time Andrews County is not seeing growth, but has actually suffered a loss 10% population decrease within the last decade. With a land area of 1,501 square miles there is only 8.1 people per mile. Subsequently, there was a discovery of oil in 1929. Oil is under a large portion of the county and most of the general populous work in the oil field or a related industry, and as a result, Andrews County's economy rises or falls on the volatility oil prices. Fig there is only one incorporated town in Andrews County. [...]

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