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Aquitaine: Case study

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  1. Introduction
  2. Verbal model
  3. Conceptual model
  4. Conclusion

The Atlantic coast of France, extending over several kilometers, was until in the 70s as the South marginalized but follows a turning economy. Indeed, the South Atlantic coast will know economic development through tourism and aquaculture. The sizes of these coasts are important we will use the coasts of Aquitaine and tourist activities to make our model. This region is located in the south-west and is about 41 300 square km. It has 270 km of coastline including 240 km of sandy coasts to the estuary of the Gironde to the Adour and the rest in the rocky coasts of the Adour to the Pyrenean barrier. At the level of the coasts through what tourism can it participate in global warming, what its impacts and responses to cope? Coasts Aquitaines face of tourism are subjected to various forces related to this field. There are tourist activities such as diving, visiting natural sites, swimming, boating, diving and others. Aquitaine coasts have many places of business. For example, they have ranges of 240 km of coastline sand. In 2010, the activities during the tourist season, the sea activities represented 46.2%, 21.2% and hiking trips, 13.1% practice mountain biking or touring, 11.3% of the activity slides, 12.8% visits, 22.7% the discovery of a city and 8.1% for sports activities. However, in 2010, but still off-season activities accounted for 31.4% for the discovery of a city, 21.7% for hiking and walks, sea 20.7%, 15.4% visits, 9 % practice mountain biking or cycling, sports activities 5.4% and 1.8% activity slips. To enable these activities and tourism so general, it takes the geographical area is well served.

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