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Bee-keeping in Madagascar

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  1. Introduction
  2. The beginning of Nationalists drift
    1. The progressive integration of Jews
    2. The legacy of traditional Judaism
    3. Persistent prejudices
  3. The rise of antisemitism in the 1880s
    1. The Jew, 'scapegoat of modernity '
    2. Strengthening the construction of identity in race
    3. Discomfort spread by the press and the literature
  4. The violent antisemitism led to a division of corporations
    1. Of termination to the exclusion
    2. The instrumentalization of anti-Semitism by political forces
    3. Zionism, a response to the barbaric antisemitism

Beekeeping is one of the promising sectors in Madagascar. We try to figure out this industry in general, by studying the production mode and on the other hand, grasp the situation of the sector in Madagascar.

A third source of income between the 1920s and the 1940s, beekeeping provided the necessary foreign exchange to the country with annual exports of 30 000 to 50000 tons of honey. But it was gradually abandoned and put on hold.

Yet, Madagascar remains a potential for honey in the Indian Ocean, and notably with the production of exotic honey. Bee races existed in the island and were free and unaffected by diseases such as foulbrood.

Unfortunately, the amount of honey harvested remains insignificant. In recent years, renewed interest in honey has brought in a new opportunity for the operation of the sector and the revival of the industry.

Tags: bee-keeping in Madagascar, Madagascar's source of income, harvesting honey

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