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Campaigns in the cities: the speed of the urbanization in Africa

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As a rule, the process of urbanization disrupts space and transforms attitudes. The Northern parts of Africa and the Sub-Saharan regions of Africa have some common features.

The seniority of the urban North is in contrast to the unbalanced urbanization in the South of the Sahara. Antiquity has bequeathed a strong urban legacy to North Africa (Alexandria, Memphis, Karnak etc) and Islam has continued this tradition in the urban areas. Some cities like Cairo have all the phases of urbanization like. Conversely, in sub-Saharan Africa, the ancient kingdoms left behind little towns and most of them date back to the nineteenth century.

Industrialization was fully developed in the colonial parts but its aim was not to develop the territory but to exploit it. This is why the little towns were built close to the industries and mines, except in the case of those mining towns in Central and Southern Africa.

Tags - urbanization in Africa, industrialization

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