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Comparison between continents: America and Africa

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  1. Religion
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Diversity is the product of nature. Humans come in an array of shapes, sizes, and colors. Nevertheless, geographical location combines a wide assortment of humans of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Despite the combination of differences, there remains a divide. Something still distinguishes the people living in different areas of the world.

[...] (Hartz) In comparison, the majority of Americans practice some form of Christianity. An estimated 70 percent of the country can be categorized by some form of Christianity. Around 20 percent practice the Catholic faith. (Marx) Studies show that roughly 6 percent of the population practice no- Christian faiths including Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and additional world religions. The biggest difference between the two countries is the large number of people that are unaffiliated with religion. Roughly 23 percent of the United States' population do not identify with a particular religion. [...]

[...] Comparing the countries of Africa and the United States provide an example. Religion, lifestyle and beliefs held within the United States may be compared and contrasted through research. Religion Religion within Africa is separated by the north and south. Most northerners follow Islamic religion. Meanwhile, the southerners practice Christianity primarily. There are a total of four primary religions found in Africa. (Marx) Hinduism accounts for the third religion. The fourth is a group of native religions. Judaism is also found within Africa on a much smaller scale than the previously mentioned religions. [...]

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