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Comparison of the railway networks of the Spanish and French

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A distance of 574.8 km / h by train is the recent record set early this year by the TGV V150. It delivered high ambitions of the development for the railways. The excellence of French technology in this area is alive and well exported to the dawn of a century where competition between rail and air is toughening. The networks created transport policies in successive stretches, focused on the priorities of globalization and the economic imperatives of states. In this sense, Spain and France are two laboratories in our observation. What were the policy differences that led to differences in spatial networks? How did the governments choose paths? These choices are always necessary for the balance of the areas concerned. It is thus imperative to highlight historical developments, land characteristics, and the policies that interfere with the construction of the network. In a historical approach, we will recall the establishment of rail networks by comparing the cases of the Spanish and the French. Then, we will analyze the current network as demonstrated in its interaction with the urban structure and state.

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