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Development and causes of poverty in Rwanda

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  1. Rwanda today
    1. The war and genocide of the 90's have ruined Rwanda's economy
    2. The country went down with its economy
    3. Hospitals and education
  2. Personnal review : the education issue

Rwanda is a socially and politically unstable country. It has been divided and ruined since 1930, by Belgian colonizers and wars. It cannot be denied that Rwanda suffers from many troubles. The first trouble has been colonization. Rwanda still suffers from the colonization period. This period has had effects which are still painful for the country. Today, the main modern problem of Rwanda is war. The colonizers have instilled thoughts, principles and theories such as the distinction between the "Hutu", "Tutsi" and "Twa" that are still the causes of problems, wars and genocides. After the departure of the colonizers, the country has been ruled by dictators and tyrants that have further damaged the situation. What are the groups and sectors affected by these illnesses? What are the solutions? What dilemma can be posed?

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