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Diagrams of development of the sea

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  1. A family that is closely linked with the US authorities
    1. A strong commitment to the American political and economic life
    2. The incarnation of the "model family" in the American myth of the Kennedys
  2. A controversial ?clan?
    1. The hidden faces of the Kennedy clan
    2. The end of a myth?

Coastlines meet various industrial, agricultural, and tourist requirements. It goes without saying that the interests of different actors be they developers or manufacturers do not go together with the requirements of the protection of natural sites. Therefore, given the numerous violations and abuses suffered by these sensitive areas, the legislature decided to react. Indeed, it has provided the shoreline of a particular urban plan, attached to specific protections and management techniques, to avoid the destruction of natural coastal areas that are increasingly rare in France. On the one hand, the law of 10 July 1975 created a public institution of the state: the Coastal and Lakeshore communities bordering on the estuary and delta, whose mission was to acquire and restore spaces. Other more specific rules to planning stem from the coastal law of January 3, 1986, were codified in Articles L 146-1 and L 146-9 of the Town Planning Code. The provisions of this Coastline Act can be divided into two parts: one relating to the limitation of urbanization, and the other relating to the protection of sensitive areas.

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