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Study of tourism phenomenon in Paris, France

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  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives and mission statement
  3. Customer targets
  4. Competitor targets
  5. Product/service features
  6. Core strategy
  7. Marketing mix: Communications and promotion
  8. Price

What makes Paris the number one tourist destination in the world lies in the myriad cultural and historical landmarks that have not only shaped modern society, but continue to challenge and inspire those who will only be considered visitors. The most famous attributes of Paris are iconic and unequivocally recognizable. Almost every film that features Paris will highlight the "Notre Dame" and the "Tour Eiffel", two monuments that have been instrumental in preserving its history. From a cultural perspective, the Latin Quarter as well as the Champs Elysées have and still continue to make significant contributions to the art and fashion worlds. These famed attractions are in addition to the world's most famous museums, like the Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, and Centre Pompidou, which house arguably the most valuable works of art currently in existence. Aside from these attributes, Paris also remains a global financial center, home to the fifth largest municipal economy. La Defense remains the center of the city's financial district and houses over 1500 businesses, 14 of which constitute the top 20 in France, and 15 of which constitute the top 50 internationally.

[...] In addition, the tomato herbal soap also moisturizes the skin naturally without the need for chemical components. In line with this, you should expect the tomato soap to be environmentally safe and it will not harm the delicate balance in nature. Core Strategy The core strategy of my business is to establish long lasting relationship with the customers. This is evident in the promotional strategy, you will see in the communications and promotional section later on. Relationships with the customers are important because this will establish trust in the product and a loyal following that will continually patronize the product. [...]

[...] I have also noticed that there are several manufacturers in Asia that had recognized the potential of the tomato soap as a profitable venture to get into. Still, I believe that the products that I will supply will be superior to these products because of the research and the product development the tomato soap I produce had undergone. Product/Service Features Tomato soap is an attractive product that consumers in their 30's will love because of the different advantages they can derive from it. [...]

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