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  1. Introduction.
  2. History.
    1. The first inhabitants of Thailand.
    2. Formation of kingdoms.
    3. The Malay city-states.
  3. The end of Funan kingdom.
  4. The death of Sukhothai's first ruler.
  5. Ties with foreign coutries by the kingdoms.
  6. Thailand and World War I.
  7. Fight between the Thai and Japanese forces.
  8. Politics.
    1. Thailand's Administrative Reform.
    2. Significant political developments in Thailand.
  9. Economy.
  10. Media Organizations.
  11. Conclusion.
  12. Bibliography.

Every country in the world has its own distinct culture, its own way of life, whether it's the government, the economy, the religion(s), the history, or what you have; every nation has qualities that separate it from all the others. Since there are so many different factors that make up these cultures, they can't all be summed up in one sentence. Rather, it takes a look at each individual factor to get an idea as to the whole culture. Like a mosaic, a culture can't be looked at as a big picture made up of several smaller ones. You can't tell a culture by looking at one characteristic, just like you can't tell what mosaic is of by looking at a single tile. In an attempt to create this kind of mosaic, I'll give brief summaries of these aspects as they apply to the nation I was assigned, Thailand. Hopefully these different categories of information will be enough to prepare anyone, including journalists, for a visit to this nation, and in turn, help create a better understanding of a foreign country, aiding in the development of a more internationally aware and informed public.

[...] The internet is also closely regulated, as shown by the recent controversy over the statewide banning of the popular video sharing website YouTube. The Thai government said that any YouTube videos criticizing the king would be blocked within Thailand. As (the ?Economist Intelligence explains, the government of Thailand was declared ?moderately restrictive? by After the 2006 coup, political parties were temporarily outlawed, but as of today the two biggest parties are the Democrat Party and the People's Power Party, which together earned almost 70% of the vote in the 2007 general election. [...]

[...] This short article comes from a December press report from Thailand and discusses the most recent and one of the most significant political developments in Thailand, the overthrowing of the democratically elected prime minister by a military junta in the fall of 2006. Like Plato once said, of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors? (Plato). Although the world of politics may seem like a disgusting or boring one to many, Plato has a good point that just about everyone is dependent upon them, whether they care or not. [...]

[...] In conclusion, although Thailand is now possibly in danger from government overregulation, it is a nation with a long history that is worthy of having pride in. Like all countries it has its own distinct customs and idiosyncrasies, but overall Thailand is regarded as a beautiful place, with many magnificent and elaborate ancient statues, monuments, palaces, and much more. There may be problems if you were to go there as a journalist due to the regulation of media, but from what I've heard, the visit would be worth it. [...]

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