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The Atlantic facade of North America

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  1. Introduction
    1. The central pulse of the major global space
  2. One of the most active coastlines
    1. Intense trading activity
  3. An open front to the world
    1. The hyper-megalopolis
    2. A unique geographical object
    3. The U.S. and the global super center
    4. Centers of major impetus of globalization
  4. Factors leading to the rise of the Atlantic
    1. A historic building (the entrance of Europeans)
    2. A coastline open to feed the world
  5. Facilities that have contributed to the Growth
  6. Doors which have rich ocean hinterlands
  7. A facade being integrated
  8. A differentiated regional organization
    1. The northeast and its margins, the heart of America and the world
    2. Changing the old south
  9. Coastal Specialist
    1. The sun-belt of the United States
    2. The Mexican facade
  10. Conclusion

Defining keywords: A coastline is a coastal area, which provides an interface (space contacts, exchanges) between a continental hinterland and a foreland ocean connected by dense and varied communications. This is an area of production and trade activities which led to a phenomenon of coastal development. The Atlantic coast of North America stretches over 4000 km from the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the north to the Yucatan Peninsula in the South, via the eastern seaboard of the United States (Megalopolis) and the Gulf of Mexico. The Great Lakes which are a part of the "Atlantic system" through the St. Lawrence River are included in this space. The Atlantic coastline combines the three NAFTA countries (Association of North American Free Trade). Importance of the study area: The Atlantic coast is home to 220 million people. It is a major production area (two thirds of North American GDP), command area(the Megalopolis includes many MNF headquarters, the Federal Government of the United States, major universities, major international organizations) and exchange area (21 of 25 largest U.S. ports). This area is a Mecca of globalization. What is the weight of the Atlantic coast of North America, and may we explain the organization of this regional space?

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