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Business advantages and opportunities at North Bay

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  1. Introduction
  2. Essential elements for a successful commerce center
  3. The requirements for a competitive city
  4. Historical economic geography
    1. The initial settlement of the Nipissing Indians
    2. North Bay escarpment
    3. The creation of the Canadian Pacific railway
    4. North Bay's geographic location
  5. Contemporary community demographic and economic profile
    1. North Bay as a very competitive city
    2. The population of North Bay
    3. The primary language
    4. The educational facilities
  6. Current economic development initiatives
    1. Downtown Community Improvement Plan (DCIP)
    2. The city's prime location
    3. Increasing level of investment
  7. Concluding discussion
    1. The city's telecommunication and fiber-optic infrastructure
    2. North Bay on global market
  8. Bibliography

North Bay is an exciting and vibrant region, as they are on the cutting edge of information and technology, and are well-positioned to thrive in the new global economy. It is a place that is recognized for the fact that it is one of Ontario's most community-spirited cities. The city lies geographically at the strategic center of the province, at the intersection of three railroads, and at the junction of two major highways. Additionally, they have one of the finest airports in the world. It is no surprise then that North Bay is quickly becoming a favorite place for businesses to link themselves with the world. (North Bay, 2009).

The city of North Bay is one that has deep historical roots as a transportation and communication hub that date back to the mid- nineteenth century.

[...] North Bay has ample telecommunication services and is included as a part of Bell Canada's Special Services Digital Network, which provides services that are not available in many other locations. The technology sector in North Bay is expanding due to the involvement of major companies like Bell Canada, Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, IBM and Northern Telecom which are all playing a significant role in the growing role of the telecomputer sector. This highlights the fact that the city will continue to be strong in the high-tech sector, something that will ensure it continues to be competitive in the global economy. [...]

[...] Geographically it is easy to access as it sits at the junction of the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 11, it is a short drive to the major urban centers of Toronto and Ottawa and is within a day's drive to over 100 million potential customers. It has an excellent airport with a 10,000 foot runway that accommodates aircraft of all types. Historically, the city is located at a strategic point along rail routes, and this has always served to make North Bay accessible to markets all across the continent. [...]

[...] This will show that North Bay is leading the way in the providing exciting business and investment opportunities of all sorts, and this will ensure the city and the people and businesses that reside there will be prosperous in the short and long-term. Historical Economic Geography North Bay has a rich and exciting history, beginning from the time of the initial settlement of the Nipissing Indians. Since then, North Bay has been a transportation hub in large part because of the geographic location that the city. [...]

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