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Dunkirk and its port

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  1. Introduction
  2. The UN works for peace
  3. Pacific battle and destabilization of Europe
  4. USSR and the US
  5. Conclusion

This urban study is based, primarily, on the topographic maps, IGN 1/25,000 No 23,020 and 1/50,000 No. 2302. The name comes from the Flemish 'Dunkirk', which means 'church in the dunes'. This industrial city is located along the North Sea, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, near the border with Belgium. Dunkirk is the third French port after Marseille and Le Havre. The port is located on a site that seems compelling at first but has been transformed.

Thus, detailed maps at 1/25000 and 1/50,000 highlight a disparity and a strong articulation between the city and the harbor. In fact, ports are the main sources of activity and the source of jobs in this working class city. What energizes the port of Dunkirk and its structure throughout the city and its region? The situation is favorable in spite of Dunkirk's rather binding site and has undergone many changes that eventually affected the whole structure of the city.

Tags - port, Dunkirk, Flemish

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