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Development of cities and industries in the Indian world

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A city brings together a relatively large population comprising basically trade and service and the professional activities of its inhabitants are very diverse, especially in the tertiary sector. It concentrates on most of human activities such as housing, education, commerce or industry. The industry does this as a component of urbanization. It indeed processes the activities for the production of material goods. But the industrial world is crucial in assessing the economic strength of a nation. Thus, it is common to speak of 'industrialized' countries to refer to rich countries and the same country as "under developed" to refer to countries whose economic situation is clearly more modest. Thus, the emergence of industries or otherwise in cities of the Indian world is respectively representative is a major economic development nationally, or a lack of progress and economic progress. Therefore, the relationship between industry and urbanization in the heterogeneous space of India does not come naturally. The Indian subcontinent extends from the western end of Pakistan to the eastern border of Bangladesh and north to south from the Himalayas to the southern coast of Sri Lanka. This space houses six nation states despite their many commonalities are characterized by significant factors such as culture, politics, natural resources or the wealth of the country itself. Indeed, there are significant financial inequalities between countries of the Indian world. Thus, it appears that the relationship between industry and urbanization cannot be generalized. They will have to understand the process of installation of industrial activities in the city and also the effects and challenges of industry on the city life and the urban environment in general.

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