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New York City

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  1. A great decision centre both in politic and economic fields
    1. Politic aspect
    2. Economic domain
  2. Social diversity and cultural avant-garde
    1. NYC, a worldwide melting pot
    2. A city of culture

New York City is said to be the capital of the world. It is true that its influence, especially over the twentieth century, has been far more important than any other city. Its impressive development in the 19th century due to industrialization, immigration and its harbor activities has contributed to make New York one of the global cities and the most important of the last century. Although NYC has been the "world capital" in the 20th century, it has to face the increasing weight of cities as Shanghai or Tokyo that are in competition to be the most influential city of the world. We look at the impressive features of the NYC and the threats it faces from its competitors as well.

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