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Book review of America's right turn: From Nixon to Clinton and a book review of America's right turn: How conservatives used the new and alternative media to gain power.

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  1. America's right turn: from Nixon to Clinton.
    1. The slow demise of the New Deal Coalition.
    2. Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the shift in politics.
    3. The Southern strategy.
    4. Reagan and his alliances with Christian groups.
    5. Christian Coalition.
  2. How conservatives used the new and alternative media to gain power.
    1. Background.
    2. Purpose of the book.
    3. Period focused on in the book.
    4. The Direct Mail Campaign.

The book is a logical presentation of the historical development of the Republican's success in campaigning for wedge issues. Wedge issues have been instrumental in the campaign of Republican's since wedge issues like gay marriage, illegal immigrants, abortion are very appealing to the emotions of the general public. It is enough to pander spicy details of any of the wedge issues to the masses to gain popularity. At the beginning of the book, the heavy struggle between Goldman and Lyndon was immediately presented. The author analyzed the reasons how Goldman achieved popularity in the South that became instrumental later on in creating a good solid block for the Democrats. The author was incisive in remarking that Lyndon capitalized immensely on the JFK assassination which was indirectly instrumental in catapulting him to power.

[...] Thus, when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was implemented and highly enforced, this led to a sudden shift in politics from Republicans to Democrats. These series of events was dissected by the author of the book bringing a comprehensive review of a controversial time in American history. The book cited instances that became heavy indicators for the Republicans that they were we're winning the hearts of the people as shown by the 1966 elections ; amazingly, the Republicans won 47 seats in the House of Representatives. [...]

[...] The reason for using direct mail was also stated in the book and it was justifiable to use it since it is the second largest type of advertising in the real world as recounted by Viguerie. True enough, they hit gold after using this strategy. The advantages of this strategy were detailed in the book but the most important one was to bypass the Liberals in controlling information. The mail is a well-protected document in the United States, tampering it or any malicious acts would mean imprisonment. [...]

[...] The last media discussed by the book was cable news and which is undoubtedly the newest and most expansive form of media that Americans can access. In the past two years, there were numerous threats to this newfound freedom when Republican Senator McCain campaigned against sexual predators on the internet. As viewed by the critics, this is just a cover-up of something sinister that would trap the bloggers of political propaganda. It is not only McCain who proposed to do this, the White House, the FBI, and almost any government institution whose interests will be jeopardized has programs of action that will try to penalize the offenders. [...]

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