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Leadership and the valley forge encampment of 1777-1778 ( Maps included )

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Deprivation and suffering at the Winter Camp.
  3. The greatness and leadership of George Washington.
  4. Conclusion.

The 19th day of December in 1777 marked significantly on the history of United States of America for this was the day when George Washington together with 11,000 soldiers encamped in Valley Forge, a ?2,000 ? acre Pennsylvania community [?] twenty miles northwest of Philadelphia? (Treese). Several striking events took place in the area that left America with remarkable lessons. To give a full picture of the camp, below is the map of Valley Forge

[...] Source: Boy's Life The Greatness and Leadership of George Washington To start with, it was a strategic yet sensitive decision of George Washington to establish winter quarters in Valley Forge despite the scarce resources and the recommendations of the army officers and Continental Congress to establish, instead, quarters near Philadelphia, which was under the British colony, so the troops can be adequately provided and trained (Chase 297). However, Washington preferred the Valley Forge because its distance from Philadelphia is just enough to avoid any possible surprise attacks from the colonizers and to support the Continental and military patrols against the British in the nearby land (Chase 297). [...]

[...] The greatness of Washington paid off as a renewed and more esteemed army came out of Valley Forge that in June the British finally left Philadelphia. Conclusion Indeed, one does not have to go to war to emerge as a hero. The accounts of history have proven this so. Yet although George Washington has been a leading figure in the American Revolution, he has managed to display leadership and heroism outside the war, even amidst the most depressing situations. Aside from this, the personal accounts of the men in the winter camp of Valley Forge, as in the entries in the diary of the surgeon Albigence Waldo and the French nobility Chevalier de Pontgibaud, exemplify how Washington succeeded in boosting the spirits of the soldiers, who are the key players of winning the war. [...]

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