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The Parthenon

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  1. Rebuilding of the Athenian temples.
  2. Architecture.
    1. The northern side.
    2. The southern side.
    3. The western side.
    4. The eastern side.
  3. The statue of Athena.
  4. The inner frieze.

After the Athenians defeated the Persians in defense of their glorius city. Pericles had proposed a resurrection and rebuilding of the Athenian temples that were destroyed by the Persian invaders. The best materials, artists, and laborers were called upon from the entire region to take part in the massive project. Stone, bronze, ivory, gold and other precious and expensive materials were used. Pheidias, one of the greatest artists of his time and a friend of Pericles, became the artistic director of the building program while the best carpenters, bronze-smiths, stonecutters, leather-workers, rope-makers and many other professionals all gathered in Athens to add their own expertise. Nothing was spared in order to fully represent the vision Pericles and his artistic friends had for the Parthenon and its surrounding buildings.

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